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Together we invest in real estate

8% interest in the first year for investments made in oktober

Fixed interest and no hassle  

Briqchain makes it easy to invest in real estate with a fixed interest.

Because we don’t work with banks or notaries, but with the technology of blockchain, we can keep our costs low.

Benefits of Briqchain

Fixed interest (yearly 4%) paid every month

Easily reinvest your interest in more Briqs

Buy more Briqs or quit whenever you like

Transparent investment without hidden risks or costs

An innovative alternative: the blockchain

Briqchain works on the blockchain. Most people know the blockchain as the system behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

But it can be used in many ways. It is a convenient and innovative system to control and manage data such as investment information.

We’ll take care of it

Before Briqchain, investing in real estate was impossible without a lot of private equity and was often accompanied with a high risk.

Briqchain wants to change this. We want investment in real estate to be available to everyone, with a system that benefits everyone.

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